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Photography Equipment for Rent

Our photography studio in Miami comes fully equipped with any photography equipment you may need including digital cameras in both 35mm and medium formats, prime and zoom lenses, tripod and camera support systems, chromakey backgrounds, strobe lighting systems, reflectors, soft boxes, shooting seamless table, weights cables and various props. Just ask, and we'll take care of everything.

Light Meters

  • Sekonic light meter with radio transceiver

Color Backgrounds

  • Chromakey and color backgrounds

Lighting System

  • ProFoto Acute 2400R lighting system

Radio Transceivers

  • PoketWizard radio transceivers


  • Beauty dish
  • Reflectors

Light Modifiers

  • Gels
  • Light modifiers

Soft Boxes

  • Soft boxes with grids
  • Octabank

Mounting Equipment

  • Grips
  • Mounting equipment

Seamless Table

  • Shooting seamless table

Contact us to discuss what equipment you need for your shoot.

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